Leadership Values


We create value for our customers by first understanding their needs and then exceeding their expectations!


Hello! We appreciate your interest in our services. My wife, Michelle is formerly a Texas native and a Sr. HR Manager for the Sports and Entertainment industry. I am a former Sr. Management Executive / Safety Representative and a Midwest boy. We were relocated to Houston in Jan 07’ by my previous employer as the company liaison. The multimillion dollar expansion project that I was serving on was successfully completed in May 09’. 

Although I was offered a position with my previous employer to relocate back to Chicago, Michelle and I decided to remain in Texas. After having two successful careers in the corporate world, we decided to take a chance on a business that combines two of our favorite things: pets & the outdoors!

This has been a very exciting and rewarding adventure.  We have had the opportunity to meet many new friends and pets.  We continue to grow in the Houston area and welcome you and your pet(s) to join our elite class of clients.

Thank you,